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Flight Changes

Flight changes
Airlines can change their timings, flight number or routing at any time. As soon as we are aware of any ‘major’ changes to your flights we will inform you. For a definition on what constitutes a ‘major’ change see Clause 9 of the Booking Conditions. Any changes will also be outlined on your Final Invoice, or advised immediately any time after full payment has been made.

There may also be times when the airlines used differ from those published in the brochure. Where this is the case we will try to keep the timings as close to the originals as possible and if they differ significantly you will be informed.

Flight delays
These occur for any number of reasons, including air traffic control problems, inclement weather, security issues and airlines overbooking. Each airline has its own policy to deal with such events – most will provide accommodation if the delay is substantial. We have no control over flight delays and standard airline policy applies in all cases.