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What is an Adventure Holiday

More and more people are after richer travel and holiday experiences. Our adventures do exactly this; in essence they take you to unfamiliar places, to enjoy new experiences and meet the people in destination without the hassle and risks of organising the trip yourself.

You can be assured you're in safe hands, we've been planning trips for over 15 years which means our trips are planned and operated in accordance to the best health and safety standards in the industry.

Broadly every trip:

  • takes you to some of the world’s most amazing destinations.
  • follows a well planned, tried and tested, itinerary which will enable you to enjoy the ‘must-see’ highlights and many memorable experiences, such as riding camels through the Sahara or meeting headhunters in Borneo.
  • is run by experienced local Group Leader who’s on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • will have between 4-20 other travellers on.