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Vicky Rodford

Job Title

UK Agency Sales Manager

About yourself

I love to travel. From family holidays as a child, shlepping through Europe in my dad’s estate car, to my first chance to spread my wings on my own, right up to my most recent Adventure Company journey, it’s my passion and my obsession. I’ve spent weeks travelling coast to coast across America, LA to New York discovering the many weird and wonderful cities in between; a year travelling around Australia – following the backpacker routes, occasionally wandering off the beaten track and loving every minute; and of course I have been on more than a couple of trips with The Adventure Company!

What do you love most about your job?

The opportunity to spend my day working with people as passionate about travel as I am, both in the office and when I am out on the road visiting our travel agents.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

There are too many to just single out one. I recently got back from an Adventure Company trip in Nepal where we did a scenic flight over Mt. Everest. The conditions were stunning and the view incredible, so that was pretty special.

Where have you been?

Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, Austria, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, USA, Australia, Nepal 

Best travel tip

Don't bury your head in a book, just look out of the window when journeying between destinations. Often that's when you get a genuine insight into the day to day life of the area through which you are travelling. 

What inspires you to travel?

The more places I go, the more places I realise there are still to see.

Which Adventure Company trip is on your wanderlust?

Probably one of our safari trips, I've not explored East Africa yet.

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