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Sally Smythson

Sally SmythsonJob Title

Assistant Product Manager

About yourself

I love travel! I have a real passion for exploring countries and experiencing new cultures. I love meeting locals and seeing how they live, work, play, eat and sleep. It is really heart warming when you get accepted into their family and house. I enjoy living out of a back pack, never knowing where you are going to end up next and how you are going to get there.

Snow or sun...which are you?

Both, love being wrapped up in the snow, but also love the warmth of the sun against my skin!

Favourite mode of transport when travelling?

Train, sitting with locals and watching the scenery go by.

Ever eaten something 'strange' on a trip?

Pea and Sweetcorn flavoured ice lolly in China

Roughing it, camping phobe or somewhere in the middle?

Roughing it!

Favourite destination visited and why?

That is impossible to say, there is so many… One of my tops destination is Indonesia, so many islands all with different religions, cultures and people. A very welcoming destination with such a wide range of natural wonders and wildlife

Your idea of the 'ultimate' destination?

A place with a great mix of culture, lovely people, beautiful scenery and monks. Sounds just like Nepal!

Next stop?