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James Ingham

Job Title

Marketing Manager

About yourself

I have always loved exploring. I’m very much a mountains and oceans person. I regularly go the peaks in the UK and have been to the rooftops of Europe, Nepal and Africa, completing the tour de Mount Blanc and summiting Kilimanjaro. I’ve also explored the turquoise waters of the Red Sea, Caribbean and Indian Ocean.

What do you love most about your job?

Writing about the destinations and our trips is interesting and everyday proves to be an education. During my time here I have learnt loads about the world; its cultures, tribes, wildlife & ecosystems.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Riding scooters in Bali marked the start of my year abroad. Suddenly I was somewhere very different and not really sure what was going to happen next. It was a really poignant moment; there was a mix of apprehension and excitement; knowing each day was going to offer something new and different.  

Where have you been?

Australia, Bali, Botswana, Malta, France, Switzerland, Tanzania, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria , Egypt, Zanzibar, St Lucia, USA, Morocco, Nepal, South Africa. 

Best travel tip

When it's cold, about 20 minutes before getting up, stuff the clothes you're going to wear into your sleeping bag to warm them up. It’s makes morning a lot more bearable. Similarly, keep your camera and camel pack tubing close to your body to keep them working.

What inspires you to travel?

The break from the norm. We are shaped by the culture we grow up within. Experiencing different cultures makes me to question what I do and broadens my outlook. Plus it makes interesting conversation...

Which Adventure Company trips have you been on?

Winter Toubkal - It's a well balanced trip; experiencing the eye-opening way of life in Marrakech and then escaping above the snowline for some great winter walking.
Annapurna Sanctuary - I generally don't feel the desire to return to most places. Nepal breaks that rule for me; great people, fantastic food in the teahouses and memorable scenery...
Everest & Gokyo Lakes Trek – wow a very impressive 16 day trek. You really do get away from the madding crowd en route to Everest Base Camp
Delta to Victoria Falls – This was my first wildlife experience and we enjoyed some memorable and close encounters. Going on walking safaris, camping in the middle of the bush and being polled through the Okavango Delta, certainly added to the intimate experience.

Which Adventure Company  trip is on your wanderlust?

1. Gorilla Safari - I imagine an amazing wildlife experience. 
2. The High Inca Trail – it’s on my tick list and the longer version appeals.


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Everest Base Camp
Everest Base Camp
Just off the summit of Gokyo Ri
Annapurna Base Camp
View of Everest from Gokyo Ri
Summit of Toubkal
Polling through the Okavango
Spotting hippos