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Eleanor Hill

Job Title

IT Support

About yourself

My curiosity about the world started as a child when my grandmother gave me a book of Bengali Folk Tales. I then went on to study geophysics and a theme soon developed in my travels which tend to include areas  combining ancient cultures and unusual rock formations.

What do you love most about your job?

The variety and the company of like minded people

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Most recently the perfect opportunity to enjoy the full splendour of the Milky Way from the deck of a Turkish gulet and walking on a deserted beach on Koh Chang in Thailand watching the monsoon clouds rolling in.

Where have you been?

France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, India, Thailand, Malaya, Brunei, Sarawak, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Bolivia.

Best travel tip

Don’t be shy. Travel is about meeting new people.

What inspires you to travel?

I have always wanted to know what is round the next corner…

Which Adventure Company trips have you been on?

CY (Walking in Cyprus), FSA (Rainbow Nation), FXDE (Teenage Desert Explorer), FXTT (Teenage Active Turkey)

Which Adventure Company  trip is on your wanderlust?

The Icelandic Northern Lights and Discover Vietnam

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Monsoon skies in Thailand
Monsoon skies in Thailand
Silk weaving in Thailand
White desert in Egypt