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Group Leaders

We only use leaders from the country you will be visiting because they know the country, it's people and the language, and it benefits the local economy. Our leaders are naturally enthusiastic and experienced; they make sure everything is looked after, leaving you free to enjoy the experiences.

Meet some of our excellent Group Leaders below:

David Guthrie - Tanzania
David works with renowned Tanzanian elephant expert Dr Alfred Kitoki on the Saadani National Park Elephant Project. Last July saw the start of David and Alfred's work collaring elephants in Saadani and the continual monitoring of the elephant movements. This year the team will collar a further three elephants. Click here to find out more.

Sheikh Junaid

Sheikh Junaid - India
Travel and experience are education in itself. I love being always on the move and meeting different people. Being an Indian I still can't have enough of India, so I do realise what expectations people come with from abroad. I really feel good to give the best possible information to my group members and that's what actually gives me my job satisfaction. Click here to find out more.

Sheikh Junaid

Meshack Chumda - South Africa
Through my tent door office window, I see Africa! Some mornings I see the big vast open spaces of the Namib desert, or, I might wake up in the Delta, with a hippo grazing on the outskirts of our camp! Click here to find out more.

Meshack Chumda
Walid Nawasany - Egypt
I'm a lucky person because I'm working as a tour leader and tour guide so I consider myself the real amnassador of my country and I feel really proud when the visitors of my country feel happy, have a wonderful time and regard it a life time experience.   Click here to find out more.
 Walid Nawasany
Ahmed Badr - Egypt
I have been working in tourism for 9 years, it was my dream and is my passion. I love being able to share everything I have learnt, my culture, my history and my country with people who come to Egypt.   Click here to find out more.
 Ahmed Badr

Do Van Hoi - Vietnam
My favourite activity during the trips that I lead is to bring group in contact with the local people to have an insight in the local culture and get the real life experience. For example taking the group to see how the farmer ploughs the soil to prepare for a new crop and teaching them how to control the water buffalo and plough. Click here to find out more.

 Do Van Hoi

Lucia Bistarova - Slovakia
In the winter I see very snowy street, everything is absolutely white. In the summer I see my favourite chestnut tree I use to climb when I was little :-) And when I walk to the back of the building I can see astonishing panorama of Tatra mountains. Click here to find out more.

 Lucia Bistarova
Ndaheya Kahuured - Namibia
What I get most out of leading trips is picking up the customers at the beginning of the trip knowing nothing of the country and them leaving with a rich understanding and passion for the country. Click here to find out more.
 Ndaheya Kahuured

Evren Ozdemir - Turkey
Turkey is geographically located where 3 continents Asia, Europe and Africa come closest to each other. This colours the social life of Turkey. A visit to any part of Turkey may suprise you with traditional wedding ceremonies, oil wrestling competitions, local folklaric dance shows or national day parades. As Italians say one life is not enough to cover all Turkey! Click here to find out more.

 Evren Ozdemir

Patricio Garcia - Ecuador
My motto is to enjoy life doing what I like best which is guiding and traveling around this country and others, and also to have to be successful in the company I work. Click here to find out more.

 Patricio Garcia

Said Zitouni - Morocco
I think that every place in Morocco has something to offer to tourists because of the diversity of culture and landscapes in our country. Click here to find out more.

 Said Zitouni
George Kariuki - Kenya
One of my funniest experiences was seeing a lioness adopt a baby Oryx (antelope) in a Game Reserve (Samburu) and protecting it from other predators for at least a month! Click here to find out
 George Kariuki
Kamal Uddin - India
I love to meet new people and to share with them the diverse culture and unique wildlife the India has to offer. Click here to find out more.
George Kariuki
Michael Zafinimbiny - Madagascar
I am very proud to be Malagasy and love to show people the best of my country & culture. Click here to find out more.
Michael Zafinimbiny